Advanced Agile Technology (AAT) provides the Federal Government Agencies and Commercial clients with IT services in Web Development, Enterprise Virtualization Platform solution, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Help Desk Support, Enterprise Messaging solution, Enterprise Unified Communications solution, Enterprise Collaboration solution, Enterprise Directory Service solution, Enterprise Mobile Device Management solution and IT Staffing solutions. These pillars of our practice have enabled us to assist enterprise environments improve their business results. By leveraging our seasoned experience, we can provide our compelling ROI and tangible productivity gains to our clients.

Our Process


Our team researches your company and analyzes your current situation. Following the discussions we have with you, we define clear goals based on your company's requirements. Our strategies are aligned with the focus of achieving your requirements. We will discuss the general direction, the functionality concerns, the structure, and any other basic elements associated with the project. Once the project goals, scope, and technical details are agreed upon, we move on to the next phase.


We gather all visual media, design mock-ups, and schemas. The goal of this phase is to have a solid foundation of the client's requirements that reflects the intent of the client.

Lab & Transition

The project begins to mold and take shape, and the main structures and features are designed, implemented, and tested in the lab environment. During this phase, the whole project moves to a lab environment, where it undergoes intense testing to verify each component of the product. You also have direct access to the product and can perform your own testing and become familiar with the product's functionality. We value your feedback, especially during this phase, so we are able to polish,and finalize the product.

Production Launch, Operations & Maintenance

The product is launched for the production environment use. As per our policy, we monitor your product in order to make sure there are no unforeseen errors that occur for a short time after the launch in the production environment. We also offer operations & maintenance (O&M) throughout the following years after the product launch.

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